Wetland FOI #1: Key Findings

While activity was "paused" in April 2020, after the clearing and damage, new reports were being made
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After reviewing the papers we have found what we believe is a trail of inconsistencies; different applicants seem to have been given different rules and the Town's excuses for damaging this sensitive ecosystem do not seem to hold up. What we believe we have seen is a Town that will do anything to "win", despite what harm it may do to the environment and our community. In contrast to the due diligence of the previous staff, the decision to proceed on this development seems arbitrary and very contradictory to recent and historical statements. Many developers have lost a lot of money on this lot, where the current developer stands to make a windfall at our expense.

Instead of a conclusion, we find even more questions about how exactly this happened. Who was giving the orders? What conversations have been taken place that caused a change in policy? Why has the public been told things that these documents do not seem to support? In order to answer these questions, we intend to focus on those conversations in the months ahead and make these discussion transparently available to the public so we can understand why a lot in two DPAs was cleared after years of protection.

In the meantime, you can make a difference! If you believe in coming together with neighbors to work for a healthy and sustainable future, please share with friends and family so that they can become informed and civically engaged. And most importantly, become involved. Fight for our future. Fight for our children. Reach out and demand that our council finally stops this senseless wetland development so that we can heal our land and our community.